We need to program a light weight Python code to get some tracking data from https://www.ems.com.cn/english/

This website a picture captcha see following

We need to use python to upload a tracking number to above text field, bypass the capture and get result

We just need above result in json format or xml format or  html table tags whichever is easy for you.test, some tracking number are



The python service must be light weight because we have hundreds of Simultaneous visits to track data. Do NOT use Python library like selenium, because this kind of library will call Google Chrome and will crash our server if too many visits at the same time.

Some upwork freelancer developed a good code to bypass above capture and get the result for us before.But seems China Post has changed some internal link or code and the old code does not work any more. If you need, we can provide the Python code for your reference.

We need proxy to run the final scrap code, but in the beginning, you no need to deploy proxy. once it work, you can deploy our proxy into your code.